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The Ladies Captain Prize Day was won, with a whopping 43 points (forty three) by Eve Wilkins. Despite the cold windy conditions she pipped Veronica Loo by two points. Who won the Lady VC’s prize. The high scoring had nothing to do with the Prosecco, wine and a selection of delicious American treats on the 12th tee!

Here are the results from the three Divisions:

Silver: 1st place was Sarah Pattison with 36 points- 2nd was Karen Atherton with 34 points and 3rd was Sally Bingham with 33 points.

Bronze: 1st place was Sue Mobbs with 39 points. - 2nd was Mary Peck with 35 points and 3rd was Suzanne Hope with 33 points.

Copper: 1st place was Sherry Stokes with 37 points - 2nd was Lissy Pryor with 33 points and 3rd was Helen Blackburn with 28 points.

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