Risk Assessment

Golf is a game to be enjoyed by all.

However there are dangers if the Rules of Golf and general commonsense are not observed and implemented.

Players MUST conform to the information posted on the signs on the Course.


• Always stand well back, away from any person swinging a golf club, even while practicing.

• Always stand well behind a player playing a golf shot.

• Never play a shot if the match ahead is still in range.

• If an errant shot is played you must shout FORE as loud as possible if the errant ball is heading in the direction of other players.

• Be aware of your surroundings and other players on the course.

• Always give way to the Greens Staff carrying out their duties on the course wait for them to acknowledge your presence before playing in their direction.

• Take care when entering and leaving bunkers as the slopes can be steep.

• Use the steps provided to walk onto teeing areas.

• Use observation platforms where provided to ensure that the fairway is clear before teeing off.

Hazardous Conditions:-

Players should be aware of RULE 6-8 OF THE RULES OF GOLF as indicated by the relevant extraction shown below and are reminded that it is their responsibility and obligation to adhere to the Rules at all times

RULES OF GOLF 6-8, Discontinuance of Play:Resumption of Play.

When Permitted The player must not discontinue play unless:

(ii) he believes there is a danger of lightning

Competitions and Matches:-

• The competition or match organisers have the power to prevent play or the start of play under circumstances of poor visibility or when lightning abounds.

• When a fixture has started and when lightning exists play will be suspended by the sounding of three long blasts on the foghorn.

• On hearing this, players MUST suspend play and leave the course to take shelter in the clubhouse or wooden shelters around the course.

• Players are reminded that they may suspend play on their own authority where there is a danger from lightning even though the foghorn warning has not been sounded.

• Play can be resumed on the sounding of two long blasts on the foghorn

Lake on 3rd Hole:-

• The lake in front of the 3rd tee and to the right of the 3rd fairway is VERY DEEP WATER and players should take care when searching for a ball on the steep slop leading down to the water.

• Players are advised to leave their golf bag on the flat area of the course outside the yellow stakes (water hazard).

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